Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath.  (Really, go ahead 🙂 )

I love starting a yoga practice with some mindful breathing.  It centers and brings me to this moment, time and time again.  Plus, it just feels good!  Mindful breathing slows your heart rate and brings your mind to a calmer state.

Scientific research is now showing that mindful breathing (such as dirgha pranayama) is one of the most effective ways to lower every day stress levels and improve your health!

This article summarizes some of the benefits of mindful breathing and goes into the science behind breathing!  Good stuff!

I invite you to practice some mindful breathing any time you’re feeling frazzled or overwhelmed.  Let me know how it changed things for you!

Regrets {Video}

I shared this video on my facebook page earlier in the week and just had to share it with you guys!  I keep watching it.  This realization is one of the things that gave me the courage to make the leap out of the corporate world. If your soul is calling you to something else, get quiet and just hear it out. You don’t have to make any radical changes today (and I would personally encourage you not to make any rash decisions), BUT don’t discount that longing in your soul. Life is NOT about just making it through the week, paying bills, and living for the weekends.

Surrender and Rest

imageOH, rest.  It is SO hard sometimes.  We are constantly on the go with a million things running through our minds.  I really struggle with rest.  I always want to get all-the-things done, today.  HA!

When I first started practicing yoga, savasana was so challenging for me.  How can I just lay here, and for how many minutes?  My mind would immediately start making lists of all the things I had to do and what I was going to make for dinner (and it still does this, although to a lesser extent).

This article really sums up the things you can do to allow your mind and body to surrender in savasana.  It is SO important to rest!  We all know that, but many of us have a hard time doing it.

How to Surrender in Savasana

Yoga Lingo: Namaste

anjali mudra hands stock photoHave you ever wondered what ‘Namaste’ means?

We typically say it at the end of class and I usually accompany it by saying “the light in me honors the light in you”; this is one translation of Namaste.  Here is another interpretation!

Meaning of Namaste

I’m excited to be teaching Balanced Yoga at YogaSpace on June 30th at 6 pm!  I would love to see you there 🙂

Get the most out of your yoga practice!

young woman meditating stock photo

Want to get the most out of your yoga practice?

I came across this article and it got me thinking about the things I do to get the most out of my time on the mat!

Get the Most Out of Your Practice

All that said, don’t avoid your yoga practice if you haven’t gotten everything “perfectly” set up for your time on the mat.  That was a mistake I made for some time; those were often the times I needed my practice the most.  Just show up as you are, even when things aren’t set up “perfectly”!

What do YOU do to get the most out of your yoga practice?  Do you still show up for yourself even if everything isn’t “perfect”?  I’d love to hear from you!

Special event coming up!

I am SO excited to be teaching Yoga for Kids at the Brookfield Library on June 29th at 6 pm!  It is going to be an absolute blast!  You do not need to be a Brookfield resident to participate.  Registration is quick and easy.  AND it’s absolutely FREE!  Sign up here!

Do you know any kids grades K-5 who could benefit?  Share this with your friends 🙂

Class description:
Let’s play yoga!  We will combine simple yoga poses with fun instruction to keep young bodies strong and flexible!  We’ll pretend to be frogs, trees, snakes, and more!  Kids will release some pent up energy and learn to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques.  The class is 45 minutes long.  Parental consent is required for participation; the library will email you a form to fill out and bring to the class.

And, here’s a great article that highlights the benefits of Yoga for Kids!  (hint: they are the same benefits you get!)

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Sneak Peak for Monday! {Video} and a testimonial that made my heart happy!

Hi everyone!

I hope you guys are having a great week!  My week has been great with the exception of this chilly weather which is really impacting my usual summer time iced coffee consumption 😉

How about a sneak peak into a pranayama (breath practice) we will be practicing in Yoga Basics!  It’s called Ujjayi Pranayama, or Ocean Sounding breath.  This breath is AWESOME for keeping yourself aware and grounded as you move through your practice.  Love it!  Come to YogaSpace on Monday at 7:30pm to test it out for yourself!

Ujjayi Pranayama

I received this testimonial from a client this week and it made my heart so happy!  One on one time with me is so effective at getting my clients where they want to be in less time and best of all at improving their lives.  This is why I love private sessions so much!

My reasons for trying Yoga were to increase my flexibility for golf and to help manage my lower back issues.  Thanks to my private Yoga sessions with Christina, I am now able to play golf pain free.  I’d recommend Yoga sessions with Christina to golfers of all ages and handicaps – particularly those who may be dealing with injuries.  I see vast improvements in my posture and core strength and I utilize the breathing exercises on the golf course to maintain a calm demeanor.  The private Yoga sessions have also helped me to learn how to improve my focus on the golf course by blocking out unwanted thoughts.

I deeply appreciate the manner in which Christina designs the Yoga sessions to fit my individual needs.  She begins by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from which I can set intention. From here she encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through the practice of Yoga postures.  Christina’s Yoga sessions allow the mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment.  When I leave her classes, I feel spiritually uplifted.  From my very first Yoga session with Christina, I have enjoyed her enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanor.  She makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

Gentle relief for back pain :)

I was looking for a short and gentle yoga sequence I could do at home for back pain (carrying a 10 month around will do that 😉 ) and found a gem I wanted to share with you 🙂


I’m super excited to be subbing twice this week at YogaSpace!  I’ll be teaching Thursday’s balanced class at 6 pm AND Saturday’s Yoga Basics class at 10:15 am 🙂  It would be great to see you there!

I’m frustrated! How to handle emotions on the mat.

I think most of us have been there; you’re working hard at a balancing pose and you wobble and fall out.  Or you’re trying a new pose and can’t get it to look the way you want.  You suddenly find yourself frustrated.  This is perfectly normal and healthy!

There is room for all of your emotions and thoughts in your yoga practice.  Maybe you’ve felt sad or happy or annoyed.  Whatever emotion it is, when you notice it rising up, allow it to happen.  Practice watching it from a third party perspective, without any judgement.  Notice where you feel it in your body.  Connect to compassion.  Connect with your breath.  Watch it dissipate.

If you’ve never noticed an emotion while practicing yoga, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  As you practice more, you will notice!

You guys have heard me talk about my love/hate relationship with forward folds.  Forward folds frustrated me for the longest time.  I wanted to fold forward MORE, but my body was just not there.  When I learned to notice this about myself with compassion, allow that emotion to flow, and connect with my breath, I was finally able to experience peace in forward folds.  I moved through the emotional blocks that were there.  Over time I came to love forward folds!

Have you experienced emotions on your mat?  I’d love to hear about it!

With my average hourly rate at $65, my starter pack for private sessions is amazingly affordable at 2 for $75!  These in home sessions are absolutely perfect for someone who works from home and doesn’t want to drive to and from a studio or someone who has an injury and would really benefit from a specialized practice.  Or maybe you’d just like to treat yourself to some one on one yoga!

I have 3 spots left! Tuesdays at 11 and Thursdays at 9:30 and 11.  Is one of these spots for you?  Or someone you know?  Forward this to someone you think would benefit!

Hi everyone!

I ran across this article recently and thought you would enjoy it; it lists five things a seasoned yogini wishes she knew as a beginner.  Good stuff!
Five things I Wish I Had Known About Yoga As A Beginner.

I’m also super excited to share with you that I left my full time corporate job!  That means I can fully embrace my business as a yoga instructor.  I am so excited because now I can provide more private sessions!

You might be wondering what is so great about private sessions and why I love giving them.  Private sessions give me the opportunity to provide you with exactly what you need in that session or series of sessions.  Maybe you have a specific goal in mind, be that mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual.  They are also the perfect way to work with specific health concerns, injuries, or any other limitation; I can create a practice specifically for addressing your needs!

To celebrate my transition and love for private sessions, I am now offering a starter package to new private students of 2 hourly sessions for only $75.  I’m also offering a starter package of semi-privates (for 2 or 3 students) of 2 hourly sessions for just $90.  This is a really great deal if you are interested in checking out how private sessions could benefit you!