Simple Tips to Meditate

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One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is you have to sit down, be quiet, and block out all thoughts.

That’s not how it works.

You can meditate anytime, anywhere.  Simply bring your attention to your breath.  Voila!  You are meditating.  As thoughts come in, notice them, and gently draw your attention back to your breath.

I love taking a few moments throughout my day to bring my attention to my breath and find a few moments of calm.

And if you don’t believe me, you can listen to this Tibetan Buddhist monk 🙂

Tibetan Buddhist Master’s Simple Guide to Meditation

I’m teaching Balanced tonight at 6pm at YogaSpace!  If you’ve been in Yoga Basics and wanted to test the waters with a Balanced class, this is a great opportunity to do so.  I would LOVE to see you before I take a couple weeks of down time with my family!  You can sign up here.

I’ve lined up some great YogaSpace teachers to sub the Monday night Yoga Basics class for the first two weeks of August!  Check out the schedule and come experience some other Yoga Basics teachers 🙂

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath.  (Really, go ahead 🙂 )

I love starting a yoga practice with some mindful breathing.  It centers and brings me to this moment, time and time again.  Plus, it just feels good!  Mindful breathing slows your heart rate and brings your mind to a calmer state.

Scientific research is now showing that mindful breathing (such as dirgha pranayama) is one of the most effective ways to lower every day stress levels and improve your health!

This article summarizes some of the benefits of mindful breathing and goes into the science behind breathing!  Good stuff!

I invite you to practice some mindful breathing any time you’re feeling frazzled or overwhelmed.  Let me know how it changed things for you!

Sneak Peak for Monday! {Video} and a testimonial that made my heart happy!

Hi everyone!

I hope you guys are having a great week!  My week has been great with the exception of this chilly weather which is really impacting my usual summer time iced coffee consumption 😉

How about a sneak peak into a pranayama (breath practice) we will be practicing in Yoga Basics!  It’s called Ujjayi Pranayama, or Ocean Sounding breath.  This breath is AWESOME for keeping yourself aware and grounded as you move through your practice.  Love it!  Come to YogaSpace on Monday at 7:30pm to test it out for yourself!

Ujjayi Pranayama

I received this testimonial from a client this week and it made my heart so happy!  One on one time with me is so effective at getting my clients where they want to be in less time and best of all at improving their lives.  This is why I love private sessions so much!

My reasons for trying Yoga were to increase my flexibility for golf and to help manage my lower back issues.  Thanks to my private Yoga sessions with Christina, I am now able to play golf pain free.  I’d recommend Yoga sessions with Christina to golfers of all ages and handicaps – particularly those who may be dealing with injuries.  I see vast improvements in my posture and core strength and I utilize the breathing exercises on the golf course to maintain a calm demeanor.  The private Yoga sessions have also helped me to learn how to improve my focus on the golf course by blocking out unwanted thoughts.

I deeply appreciate the manner in which Christina designs the Yoga sessions to fit my individual needs.  She begins by drawing attention inward, to a pure space from which I can set intention. From here she encourages mindfulness as she slowly awakens the body through the practice of Yoga postures.  Christina’s Yoga sessions allow the mind, body and spirit to come into true alignment.  When I leave her classes, I feel spiritually uplifted.  From my very first Yoga session with Christina, I have enjoyed her enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanor.  She makes you feel welcome and comfortable.