5 great yoga poses for moms + an amazing intuition package!


Only have 10 minutes for yoga today?

I’ve been there many days.

My family has been fighting a very mean head cold this week so our usual routine has been thrown for a loop, leaving me with even less time than usual!

I came across this article with 5 yoga poses for moms – I loved this a few days ago and wanted to share with you all!


I am super excited for this program I’ve put together!

What if I told you you already have all the answers you’ll ever need?

Imagine parenting from a place of absolute peace.

Imagine making decisions (parenting or otherwise) with ease.
Imagine feeling energetic and connected to your family.
I’ve designed a one on one yoga experience to get you there.

  • we’ll have a check in at each session to establish how you’re feeling and what you need from your yoga practice that day
  • we’ll cut through mental chatter quickly to get you to the answers you need
  • i’ll provide you with one on one yoga instruction that deeply cares for your body
  • each session includes aromatherapy
  • we’ll create a mantra together that helps you access your intuition instantly, with ease!
  • you’ll get a pretty journal as a gift from me to you!

Private sessions with me are different from group classes.  Private sessions:

  • focus directly on YOUR needs
  • provide me the ability to give you 100% of my attention to guide your practice
  • include aromatherapy!

Message me for more info!  I’m super excited to share this with you!  May we all make decisions from a place of peace and deep connection to our intuition.