Science Backed Benefits of Gratitude

live-life-as-a-miracleHappy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful holiday with your family and friends.

As kids we are taught that Thanksgiving is all about gratitude for the harvest (abundance) in our life, but we sometimes forget this when we become adults and our lives become so full.

Take a moment to close your eyes and bring to mind something or someone you are grateful for.  Let that feeling of gratitude swell in your heart and spread throughout all the cells of your body.  I’ll wait while you do that 😉

If you’re someone like me and you enjoy reading about science, this article talks about 4 studies that show the benefits of gratitude in our lives:

It’s a quick and easy read 🙂

Enjoy your holiday weekend to the fullest, with those you love the most <3

Mom, what are we doing today? I’m borrreeeddddd!

Mamas, enjoy this guest blog post from the editor of macaroni kids danbury, Meghan Friedland:

Mom, what are we DOING today?”

Is this a familiar phrase in your house?

No need to stress about figuring out where to go or what to do each week with the kids. Macaroni Kid is an online resource to help moms (and dad’s of course!) plan their family fun each and every week. We do all the work for you – aggregating all the things going on around our community and placing them in one calendar that we will email to you as part of our weekly e-newsletter, filled with content relevant to families including kid-friendly recipes and crafts. Subscribe today and let us help you plan your family fun!

5 great yoga poses for moms + an amazing intuition package!


Only have 10 minutes for yoga today?

I’ve been there many days.

My family has been fighting a very mean head cold this week so our usual routine has been thrown for a loop, leaving me with even less time than usual!

I came across this article with 5 yoga poses for moms – I loved this a few days ago and wanted to share with you all!

I am super excited for this program I’ve put together!

What if I told you you already have all the answers you’ll ever need?

Imagine parenting from a place of absolute peace.

Imagine making decisions (parenting or otherwise) with ease.
Imagine feeling energetic and connected to your family.
I’ve designed a one on one yoga experience to get you there.

  • we’ll have a check in at each session to establish how you’re feeling and what you need from your yoga practice that day
  • we’ll cut through mental chatter quickly to get you to the answers you need
  • i’ll provide you with one on one yoga instruction that deeply cares for your body
  • each session includes aromatherapy
  • we’ll create a mantra together that helps you access your intuition instantly, with ease!
  • you’ll get a pretty journal as a gift from me to you!

Private sessions with me are different from group classes.  Private sessions:

  • focus directly on YOUR needs
  • provide me the ability to give you 100% of my attention to guide your practice
  • include aromatherapy!

Message me for more info!  I’m super excited to share this with you!  May we all make decisions from a place of peace and deep connection to our intuition.

A Mother’s Intuition


Infant sleep.

It’s one of the most hotly debated and mom shaming prone topics there is.

When my son was 7 months old I was so confused about what to do for our sleep situation.  I was so exhausted.  My son had gone though the ‘4 month sleep regression’ and we were up every 2 hours all.night.long for months.

I google searched ways to get my baby to sleep and found there were two very opposite opinions and tons of gray area options out there.  We tried a couple of methods and none of it was working for us.  I was confused, exhausted, and doubting myself all the time.

I finally realized I was looking outside myself for answers when all I had to do that whole time was listen to my intuitive voice.

I had a lot of mental noise (drummed up as a result of all that google searching!).  What was the right way?  Would I be ruining my son’s life forever based on the way we chose to sleep?  Would I regret my choice down the road?

I used yoga, breathing, and some meditation to break through all that mental chatter.  I connected to my intuition and uncovered the answer within myself.

We started sleeping the way my intuition uncovered and we are ALL much happier and connected.  Once I finally followed through on my intuition’s guidance I really wondered why I waited so long!

Our intuitive voice is very quiet.  We must get still enough to hear it.  And, we must be brave enough to trust it.  As a Mom, it’s tough because we get so much unsolicited advice in real life and online.  We are in a vulnerable position because we are sleep deprived and often not confident enough in our choices.  Those factors make it REALLY difficult to not only connect to our intuition but also to follow through on it with confidence.

Do you struggle with this too?  I’d love to help you!  I know how confusing and exhausting life can be when we are disconnected from our intuitive voice.  There is a better, easier way.  Reply to this email and I’d be happy to help you via email, text, or a phone call.  I want you to experience an easier way!

4 easy restorative yoga poses for home plus how an episode of crying in my car changed things!

make-yourself-priority-its-your-lifeAre you exhausted and running on fumes?

The demands of work, our personal lives, and kids can leave us drained.

Support yourself with these four restorative poses.  I love doing this right before bed.  Spend 3 or 4 minutes in each pose and slip into a blissful night’s sleep!

  1. Come into easy pose (sukhasana).  Pull your bolster (add blankets on top of your bolster if you need more height) up to your body and rest your head down on the bolster.  You can use pillows or couch cushions if you don’t have a bolster.  Have your arms in a restful position.
  2. Make your way into viparita karani.
  3. Take a restorative bridge pose (setu bandha sarvangasana) by sliding a block or bolster under your sacrum.  This should feel delicious!  If it does not, try moving the block or bolster lower so you are supporting the sacrum.
  4. End with savasana.

As always, you are CEO of your body which means you get to decide which poses to take and how to take them.  Never do anything that causes pain.

What if you could rest and take ‘me time’ whenever you needed to without the guilt?  How would your life be different?

I sat in my car crying one day this summer because of how exhausted I was.  I desperately needed rest, but was having such a hard time giving that to myself.  I was taking care of my son, my husband was working long days, and I was working so hard on building my business wherever I could fit the time into my day.  My body was desperately asking me to spend some time resting, but my mind fought back and said “there is so much do!  there’s no time for rest!”.  After a few days, some more tears, and some one on one support from a mentor, I finally gave in and took a few hours to myself.  And, wow, how that changed things!  I was enjoying myself again.  Taking care of my family was easier because I refilled my well and I felt like myself again.  Taking that break, as hard as it was for my mind to get on board, was the best thing I could have done.  Now I incorporate ‘me time’ and self care more easily into my life without the guilt.  But at the start, I needed that one on one support.  I learned so much from that experience this summer.

Imagine feeling energetic and carefree.

Imagine resting, knowing with every cell of your body that all is well and you are supported.

Imagine being at a place in your life where you rest when you need to, without the guilt.

Invest in private yoga sessions with me and you’ll get all that and more!

  • we’ll decrease your stress levels and get you feeling good in your body
  • we’ll get you to a place where taking breaks and time to yourself becomes second nature without the guilt!
  • we’ll have a check in at each session to establish how you’re feeling and what you need from your yoga practice that day
  • i’ll provide you with one on one yoga instruction that deeply cares for your body
  • each session includes aromatherapy
  • we’ll create a mantra together that helps you access the permission to rest when you need to
  • you’ll get a pretty journal as a gift from me to you!

Private sessions with me are different from group classes.  Private sessions:

  • focus directly on YOUR needs
  • provide me the ability to give you 100% of my attention to guide your practice
  • provide an intimate setting that allows you to dive deeper into relaxation
  • include aromatherapy!  You can choose the oils you’d like or leave it up to me

Let’s change your life experience.  You are worth the effort.  Reach out to me if you’re interested and let’s talk to be sure this is a good fit for you!

10 minute guided meditation for moms

young woman meditating stock photo
I came across this 10 minute guided meditation for moms last week and wish I had found it sooner!

It’s great for bringing attention to where you’re at with self care and helps you figure out where you need to do a little work to get yourself to a better place.


“My daughter really enjoyed the class and she slept so well last night.  She struggles with anxiety and sometimes has a hard time sleeping, but last night she fell right to sleep.  And slept the entire night.  Thank you for allowing her to attend.  She will definitely be joining me for class again.  -Lisa”

I received this beautiful testimonial from a student about her ten year old daughter who attended one of my classes.  I’ve experienced anxiety myself and can personally attest to how powerful yoga is in helping us manage it.  If you or anyone you know experiences anxiety and is interested in learning more about how yoga can help, I’d love to set aside some time to talk to them about the types of yoga that will be the most helpful and how to fit that yoga into their life!  Just reply to this email and we can set something up.

my biggest challenge as a mom is self care

carve-out-and-claim-time-to-yourselfI had an experience last weekend that reminded me of how hard it is as a mom to get out and spend money and time on ourselves.

It was Sunday morning and my husband said “hey, why don’t you go to a yoga class today?” I instantly said “yes! that would be awesome!”

BUT when it came time to actually get myself out the door (and thereby commit to going) I felt guilty. Guilty that he would have to spend part of HIS ‘me time’ (watching football games) caring for our son, guilty that I was about to spend all this time just to myself and not be productive (there is the never ending pile of laundry/food prep/etc that could always use some attention), and guilty that I was spending money on myself when that money could go to something fun for our family to enjoy together.

I started making excuses for why I couldn’t go. But then I remembered. When I take care of myself, I feel great. And when I feel great I am a much nicer mom and wife to be around. So, I pushed myself out the door. I gave my son a big kiss and hug, gave my husband a big kiss and hug, and said “I’ll see you in a few hours”. And even though it was HARD to leave, I did it.

After a few hours, I returned home feeling rejuvenated and ready to be a mom and wife again. I was patient with my son again as he asked me to pick him up (for possibly the 500th time that day ) and I enjoyed the little moments of the evening (because I was more present after taking a yoga class and slowed my monkey mind down).

I felt inspired to share this with you because I totally understand how hard it is to take care of yourself because I go through it too!  Please take time for yourself doing something you love; because you deserve it.

Yoga off the mat + moms only mini retreat details

ahhhhHave you ever left a yoga class blissed out, but when you leave and experience something unpleasant all of that disappears?

The things that work on your yoga mat work in your real life.  It’s a matter of noticing when real life starts kicking your ass and inviting those lessons from the mat into your life.

This article neatly sums up what to do!

If you’d like some one on one help with this and learn to experience an easier way of living (no matter how stressed out you feel now), I’d love to help with an absolutely free 15 minute phone call.  All you have to do is reply to this email and I will be there for you!

Are you a Mom who is stressed out to the max?  Do you have moments when you are just dying for a break and time to yourself?  Your opportunity is here!

Join us on October 16th from 1 to 3 pm for our Moms ONLY mini retreat.

During two delicious hours you’ll be able to focus on yourself.

Your retreat includes
– blissful yoga focused on relaxation and well being
– aromatherapy
– the opportunity to socialize with other Moms over herbal teas OR
– take quiet time to yourself to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (except maybe enjoy that herbal tea while it’s still nice and hot) in the Sun Room at beautiful YogaSpace in Bethel, CT.

You’ll leave with a renewed sense of well being and a personally chosen essential oil to anchor you to bliss on the go. Escape for two hours before the craziness of the holiday season sets in!

Sign up here!

Invite a friend and experience an afternoon of bliss.

Not a Mom but know of one who could use something like this in her life?  Share the love and forward this email to her 🙂

Slow Down


Are you living your life or racing through it?

Racing through is so common in our culture.  We’re all conditioned to believe faster is better.  I certainly fall into this category.  Speed is rewarded with promotions at work and praise from others.  It’s no wonder we are all trying to do more in less time.

There is a cost, though.  This speed driven culture drives us to exhaustion.  It means we don’t have the patience to slow down with our kids for a bedtime story.  It means we are snippy with our loved ones as we try to get one more thing done on our to-do list and they want to connect.  We are missing important moments and important conversations by rushing through our lives.

There is a better way.  Slow down.  Turn off your phone, the TV, close down the computer and just BE for a few minutes.  It is so simple, and so powerful.  Our bodies and brains NEED space to just be.  Notice how GREAT it feels to slow down (this is your body saying “yes please!”).

I really love this ted talk about slowing down.  It gets to the heart of why it’s so important.