4 Core Exercises for Moms

There was a time I really, really hated core work.

I dreaded doing it and hated it the whole time.

I came to realize it was the way I approached core work that was the problem.  My core is the one part of my body I dislike the most so I always went too hard and was really hard on myself; mostly berating myself and trying to beat that part of my body into submission.  (P.S. that method doesn’t work out so well 😉 )

Once I learned to be gentler with myself, mentally and physically, I came to love doing core work.

And I know as a mom, that is probably the area of your body you dislike the most.  I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.  Practice being kinder to yourself, and see what happens.  It’s a practice.  Meaning, you probably won’t wake up one day and LOOOOVE your core forever and ever.  You’ll have days you feel good and days you lament the vision you see in the mirror.  When those bad days come around, just practice being kind to yourself and seeing the good in your core.  Do you have stretch marks from a pregnancy like I do?  Can you see them as mama tiger stripes?  Do you have extra belly skin like I do?  Can you marvel at the fact that you carried another human being inside your body and your body had to grow and expand to love up that little human?

With patience, compassion, and love, you can change the way you see yourself.

When you’re ready, here’s a set of 4 different-from-the-usual core exercises to have fun with 🙂


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