Coping with Mom Stress

How do YOU cope with mom stress?

I’ve been forced to slow down recently, and that’s been a fabulous thing.

Being forced to slow down has shown me that I don’t *HAVE* to do as much as I was doing.  The kitchen won’t disappear if the floor isn’t swept daily.  The windows don’t need to be windexed twice a day (if you have a toddler you understand what I’m talking about!!).  The laundry will still be there and not having my favorite outfits for myself and my son has forced me to get creative with what we have.  And guess what?  No one has noticed or cared, I was the ONLY one who cared so much.

I challenge you to LET GO of one thing in your day.  What is ONE thing you think you have to do every day but actually don’t HAVE to do?

Letting go of that one thing will be a step towards letting go of some of that mom stress.  We cause a lot of our own suffering.  Much of our stress is caused by expectations we carry about ourselves, or about how our children should be, or about how our significant other should be.  Can you LET GO of one thing today?

I LOVE chatting about this with other Moms <3  I can brainstorm with you to find something you can let go of.  I do this absolutely for FREE because I genuinely care about you and I want to see you SHINE <3

MUCH love to all of you mamas out there.  You’re doing a FABULOUS job!

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