Slowing Down for Better Sleep

I came across this article in Yoga Journal and can definitely relate!

We all know that unplugging is a great way to recharge, get some peace, and sleep better, especially during these very active and contentious political times.

Pretty please take an hour to unplug everyday; you deserve it so much.  Turn your phone to silent (or even better, turn it off) and just BE.  Take note of how differently you sleep and how your overall mood is affected 🙂

For those of you who don’t want to read the whole thing, this is my favorite part from this article:

“When we take the time to rest, everyone benefits. I know unplugging is not an easy thing to do. We are told from all directions to keep up with everything, stay plugged in, and do everything we were doing before. All while we are also organizing perfect playdates, cooking a million more meals than we ever imagined, and soothing everyone when they’re crying. However, if our culture is not going to give you a break, you will have to take it, and create the vision of parenting and home life that you know will sustain you and your little ones in the years ahead.”

Come back and tell me how a practice of unplugging for an hour a day changed things for you!

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