Self Care for the Holidays!


The holidays are here!

This is the most wonderful time of year and, let’s be real, also one of the most stressful; especially for us Moms who are typically the ones planning, shopping, wrapping, and baking.  The list never ends.

I know how hard it is in your every day life to take time to yourself (because it’s hard for me too!).  It’s even HARDER now, with all the holiday demands.  That’s why it’s even MORE important than ever to carve out even 10 minutes to yourself.  Your sanity will thank you.  And, your family will notice a calmer you, which will mean better relationships and a better holiday experience.  Who doesn’t want that?!

So, get yourself to a yoga class.  Book that massage you’ve been dying to get.  Go get a mani/pedi.  Even if you just take 10 minutes to sit in silence when the kids are sleeping and do absolutely nothing, you would get tremendous benefit.  Feed your soul!

This article from Yoga Journal has some more tips!

The last mommy and me yoga class for the year is on December 13th in Ridgefield at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church from 9:30-10:15.  See attached for more info 🙂  Reach out with any questions!

I’m in the process of setting dates for 2017 🙂  More info to come!

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