10 minute guided meditation for moms

young woman meditating stock photo
I came across this 10 minute guided meditation for moms last week and wish I had found it sooner!

It’s great for bringing attention to where you’re at with self care and helps you figure out where you need to do a little work to get yourself to a better place.


“My daughter really enjoyed the class and she slept so well last night.  She struggles with anxiety and sometimes has a hard time sleeping, but last night she fell right to sleep.  And slept the entire night.  Thank you for allowing her to attend.  She will definitely be joining me for class again.  -Lisa”

I received this beautiful testimonial from a student about her ten year old daughter who attended one of my classes.  I’ve experienced anxiety myself and can personally attest to how powerful yoga is in helping us manage it.  If you or anyone you know experiences anxiety and is interested in learning more about how yoga can help, I’d love to set aside some time to talk to them about the types of yoga that will be the most helpful and how to fit that yoga into their life!  Just reply to this email and we can set something up.

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