Yoga off the mat + moms only mini retreat details

ahhhhHave you ever left a yoga class blissed out, but when you leave and experience something unpleasant all of that disappears?

The things that work on your yoga mat work in your real life.  It’s a matter of noticing when real life starts kicking your ass and inviting those lessons from the mat into your life.

This article neatly sums up what to do!

If you’d like some one on one help with this and learn to experience an easier way of living (no matter how stressed out you feel now), I’d love to help with an absolutely free 15 minute phone call.  All you have to do is reply to this email and I will be there for you!

Are you a Mom who is stressed out to the max?  Do you have moments when you are just dying for a break and time to yourself?  Your opportunity is here!

Join us on October 16th from 1 to 3 pm for our Moms ONLY mini retreat.

During two delicious hours you’ll be able to focus on yourself.

Your retreat includes
– blissful yoga focused on relaxation and well being
– aromatherapy
– the opportunity to socialize with other Moms over herbal teas OR
– take quiet time to yourself to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (except maybe enjoy that herbal tea while it’s still nice and hot) in the Sun Room at beautiful YogaSpace in Bethel, CT.

You’ll leave with a renewed sense of well being and a personally chosen essential oil to anchor you to bliss on the go. Escape for two hours before the craziness of the holiday season sets in!

Sign up here!

Invite a friend and experience an afternoon of bliss.

Not a Mom but know of one who could use something like this in her life?  Share the love and forward this email to her 🙂

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