Yoga for Back Pain and Yummy Private Session Packages!

imageI get asked a lot about back pain as a yoga teacher. And as someone who has experienced a lower back injury, I understand how debilitating back pain can be!

The good news is, you CAN strengthen and heal your back with yoga.

In fact, doctors and chiropractors are recommending yoga more and more often to their patients for back pain. Yoga is not only good for mediating acute back pain, it’s also great for keeping your body healthy and strong in the long term to prevent future injury.

This article offers 12 yoga poses you can do for back pain. We have done all of these poses at one time or another in Yoga Basics! Combine this with some yoga for core strength and you are well on your way to a healthy and happy back!

Let me know if you have any questions on modifications!

I’ve put together three fantastic private session packages! Imagine how it would feel to experience bliss in your body and mind on and then OFF your yoga mat in your real life. Each session is crafted for your specific needs, giving you the best yoga practice for YOU! Let’s blast that stress out of here and get you feeling good! Click on the link below to learn more about each package 🙂

Contact me for more details or to book a session!

I promised you that I would share the discoveries from my gratefulness practice! I found that the practice significantly improved my outlook each day. I was able to focus on all of the great things I have in my life and feel much more fulfilled. I noticed that being grateful for specific people in my life was much more effective than being grateful for material items (not surprising!). I’ve found it to be so beneficial that I’m extending my practice to the end of September 🙂

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