Yoga For Your Core


A strong core can make a BIG difference in how you move through your everyday life.

After giving birth to my son, my core hurt just from doing everyday tasks.  Tasks like carrying groceries, lifting a car seat, and picking up bags of laundry were a real struggle.

When I returned to my yoga practice, I made it a mission to get my core strength back and then some.  I wanted to be stronger for my everyday life and I was itching to do some more adventuresome yoga poses (mostly arm balances) with more ease.

I started incorporating variations on plank, side planks, scale pose, and boat pose into my practice.  With time and practice I got stronger and those everyday tasks got easier (and so did the arm balances).

I encourage you to incorporate just a little, itty bit more core strengthening into your practice.  Even 30 seconds of plank a few times a day could be enough 🙂

I came across this article in Yoga Journal with 7 core exercises, give some of these a try!  If you have any questions on how to modify these, let me know, I’d love to help!

Yoga for Core Strength

I’ll be enjoying these next two weeks with my two favorite guys.  Stacey Orris will sub Monday night’s Yoga Basics class at YogaSpace, come check it out 🙂

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