Going With The Flow

flow through life

There are times (on the mat and off) when we come across obstacles.  What is your usual reaction?  Push harder?  Back off and avoid it?  A mix of both?

My usual reaction is to push harder.  I first learned this about myself on my yoga mat.  I’d push harder in spite of my body asking for something more moderate.  I eventually paid for this with a very tired body and some minor injuries (thank goodness they were minor and I could continue my normal everyday life).

Off the mat, I experience obstacles daily with my son.  He tests all the boundaries; goes for the things he shouldn’t touch, throws a temper tantrum when he can’t get his way, and refuses to nap.  I have a choice with each and every instance; I can go hard OR I can go with the flow.  I can take a deep breath, look into his eyes, and find a way around the obstacle.

Next time you’re faced with an obstacle either on your mat or off, imagine a flowing and steady river in your mind.  Take a deep breath and choose your reaction.  Notice how it feels in your body to go with the flow; luxuriate in that feeling!

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